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July 14, 2024    3:38 am
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SoftMouse.NET Online Demo

Online training, customer service and education are free.

An online demo can be arranged at any time and it is free. Including access to video tutorials and documentation as well as live online tutorial sessions are provided at no cost.

The SoftMouse support team is available to assist with technical support, usage support, optimized digital workflow suggestions, account set up, training and education. Online support is available 24/7.

SoftMouse FAQ (Workflows and Frequently Asked Questions)

Discover common SoftMouse workflows and FAQs to become an expert in digital mouse colony management.

Discover various "How To" instructions and images that will allow you to:
1. Get started quickly and easily
2. Customize your account
3. Create new mice and new cages
4. Create breeding schemas
5. Create new litters and pups
6. Tag, genotype, wean litters
7. Set up projects and experiments
8. Create a calendar of events and set email reminders

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