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May 30, 2024    12:19 am
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SoftMouse.NET Seminars + Training

Colony Management Database for Breeding + Experiments

Sign up for SoftMouse.NET Seminars and learn the benefits of using an online and mobile database to track colony data.

See demonstrations of common workflows when using the SoftMouse.NET Colony Breeding and Experiment Management System.

Learn why SoftMouse.NET subscribers find that SoftMouseDB has helped them to save time spent on maintaining error-prone, paper-based lab books and spreadsheets.

See the unveiling of new SoftMouse.NET features.

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Getting Started with SoftMouse

Tired of dealing with messy spreadsheets or paper records (inherited or your own!)?
Establishing a new colony and want to start off on the right (organized) foot?
Is your current database no longer supported nor secure, or simply too frustrating?

This SoftMouse.NET webinar is for you!

We recognize that changing systems can be challenging and overwhelming.
In this webinar, you'll learn quick data entry workflows with an emphasis on good colony management practices.

The goal is to set you on the path towards an efficient and standardized record-keeping system with SoftMouse.NET.

What you will learn from attending SoftMouse.NET Seminars

Sign up for SoftMouse.NET seminar and discover how SoftMouseDB Colony and Breeding Management System can also help reduce daily, monthly, yearly cage costs by keeping an up-to-date inventory of your colony with exact numbers of active mice and cages.

With SoftMouse.NET, animal technicians, researchers and principal investigators can
access and monitor their mouse / rat colonies from anywhere on any device
(Laptop, iPad, Tablet, Mac) at any time. SoftMouse.NET enables you to analyze your data faster and more efficiently.

Save Time. Reduce Errors. Improve Research Efficiency.
Sign up for a SoftMouse.NET Seminar or Demo and learn how
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